Horizn is the most effective way to drive loyalty and sales from channel partners. We influence the “moment of truth” on the path to purchase.

The Industry Challenge

Manufacturers rely on channel partners to deliver products and know-how to customers and help them control costs and risks, but the channel has changed. Technology end-user purchasing behaviour has changed from “one-stop shopping.” To ensure you reach your consumers in retail channels, your product and technology launch initiatives must be extended across the network to facilitate interactions to gain sales traction and competitive advantage.

In retail, for example, sales associates’ knowledge is one of the most important factors for driving omni-channel success. In fact, customers cite knowledgeable store associates as the number one reason for increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

The Opportunity with Horizn

The Horizn Platform gives you direct contact with your network of suppliers, distributors and customers, which is critical to sharing knowledge, growing mind-share and maximizing revenue opportunities. You can scale community and connections across multiple languages and geographies in no time. Our platform creates on-line communities that enable connections among customers and partners.

The Horizn platform is being used by clients who have new products launching around the world where getting brand share of voice on the retail floor is mission critical to driving customer adoption and product purchase. We help you influence the “moment of truth” at the point of purchase.

Empowered Channel Marketing

Sales associates using the Horizn platform sold 5 times more devices then their companies highest performing counterparts.

Sales Associate App

Horizn’s sales associate training platform ensures all front line employees are digitally fluent in real-time and anytime on your latest products’ innovation.

Field Team Mobile App

Ensuring your field team has the tools to engage with the retail associates is key to product learning and adoption.


Sales associate become technologically-savvy ambassadors for your products and increase sales. The platform supports ambassador and seeding programs.

In-Store Mobile Learning

The Horizn platform is always-on, users around the world can share and communicate key insight and learning right to the retail floor.  The platform can work in all regions and languages.