The Industry Challenge

Manufacturers rely on channel partners to deliver products to customers, to control cost, and to mitigate risk. But the channel is changing — end-user behavior has moved on from one-stop-shopping. Product and technology launch initiatives must extend across the network to facilitate interactions in order to gain sales traction and a competitive advantage. Your sales associates’ knowledge is one of the most important factors in driving multichannel success. The more knowledgeable they are, the more likely a customer will make a purchase.

The Opportunity with Horizn

The Horizn Knowledge Platform gives you direct contact with your network of suppliers, distributors and customers — you can scale customers and partners across multiple languages and locations in no time. This is critical for sharing knowledge, growing mind-share, and maximizing revenue opportunities. Our platform is being used by clients who are launching global products, and require shared knowledge across the retail floor to maximize customer adoption and product purchase.

Sales associates using the Horizn platform sold 5 times more devices than their company’s highest performing counterparts.