Accelerating market adoption of digital transformation means getting employees and customers digitally fluent on your latest products and technology. Fast!

The Industry Challenge

Financial institutions are facing mass disruption. Digital transformation is perhaps the biggest innovation or cluster of innovations facing financial institutions in years, arguably in a century. Every part of the business is facing increased competition due to new market entrants, increasing mobile/digital adoption and shifting customer expectations. As financial institutions adopt agile product processes with aggressive launch cycles, they have simply no digital method to get all their stakeholders knowledgeable fast.

The Opportunity with Horizn

For us at Horizn we also know that, “build it and they will come” is a myth it is not a strategy or method of adoption. This is where we come in… To gain adoption of new technology with employees and customers, financial service institutions need to make certain that the right knowledge at the right time is delivered directly to all their key stakeholders in real time at launch. With the Horizn platform we can help you increase digital adoption and usage with employees, front-line staff, customer service and directly with customers.

The Horizn Knowledge Platform combines employee and customer experience, making certain everyone is fluent the second your innovation hits the market.

Employee Knowledge Platform

Your employees are your most important advocates in your pursuit of digital transformation. With our platform, your workforce will be digitally aware, knowledgeable and prepared to support your customers on the retail floor and in the call center. The platform’s unique methodology ensures all employees are digitally fluent in real-time and anytime on your latest digital innovation.

One of North America’s largest banks got 84% of their workforce up-to-speed and demoing new products to customers in just 8 weeks.

In-Branch Demo

Horizn’s In-Branch Demo module lets front-line employees (and relationship managers) demo product features directly to customers on the retail floor. The platform can be used on kiosks and tablets with customers directly.

Employees at one of our Bank clients demoed 1.9 million new product simulators to customers in the first year.

Customer Knowledge Platform

Give your customers the knowledge they need to understand and adopt your latest digital solutions. Whether it’s embedding AI into your mobile app, launching new online capabilities or anything in between, we help you onboard, retain and grow your customers. The Customer Knowledge Platform is being used for direct unassisted customer learning and knowledge for Financial Service customers.

The Customer Knowledge Platform is available to over 23 million of our clients customers.

Call Center Referral

Horizn’s Call Center Referral module is designed to support call center employee learning and the sharing of product information with customers. Call center employees can easily send and share our simulators with customers on the Customer Knowledge Platform.

Our client saw a reduction of 45 seconds in call center using the Horizn platform.