Scale and speed are critical to effectively reach your workforce, partners and customers across the globe.

Horizn’s Mobile Enterprise Solution allows you to effectively reach your workforce, partners and customers across the globe. Our platform ensures consistent product knowledge is distributed in multiple languages and countries. The platform provides a flexible solution on desktop, mobile web, Android native and iOS.

The Horizn platform is being used by large banks like the Royal Bank of Canada to engage employees across the country and companies like Moto Lenovo that rely on retail channels to support and distribute their products across the globe. In retail, sales associates’ knowledge is one of the most important factors for driving omni-channel success. In fact, customers say knowledgeable store associates directly increase likelihood to purchase.

Enterprise scale organizations are using APIs as the building blocks of the digital economy

An API (Application Programming Interface) at its most basic level allows your product or service to talk to other products or services. We are experienced in managing enterprise software with global content suppliers, and we understand what it takes to exchange and integrate data. At Horizn we use robust APIs to open up data and functionality to your other partners, to other businesses or even between departments and locations within your company. Our APIs increase the way in which companies exchange data, services and complex resources, both internally and externally with partners.

“When I recommend the product to a customer who isn’t sure which brand to choose, first I try to highlight cost and benefit, that way customers know that the product will offer better performance and high quality at a fair price!”
Field Team Agent, Sao Paulo, Brazil