Incite employees and clients to learn your latest digital innovations fast!

We believe in always-on… profitable learning. Technology has woven itself into our everyday lives and radically altered the way information is consumed. This, in turn, has impacted workplace and consumer learning. The abundance of information from social, commercial and information networks influences this pace of change. Knowledge is a key business advantage, and getting everyone knowledgeable will guarantee critical adoption. 

The Horizn platform combines traditional formal training and content materials like videos and SCORM eLearning with new more informal training and content formats like user-generated videos, game APIs, ratings, reviews and discussions. All learning behaviour is tracked and reported and all content provides can feedback and has a rating mechanism.

Mobile micro-learning with mobile leaders, Lenovo and Motorola

In this fast-paced, tech-centric world we live in, bite-sized is better! With mobile devices and tablets at the point of purchase, mobile micro-learning helps all stakeholders get the information they need immediately. Mobile companies like Motorola and Lenovo are using the Horizn mobile platform to train sales associates on the retail floor around the world in multiple languages. We work with companies in emerging markets where offline mobile learning is the only way to deliver on the retail floor.

Our mobile micro-learning technology focuses on information that teaches a task, demonstrates a feature or explores a specific idea. Instead of trying to cover a broad range of topics, it focuses on targeted knowledge, which makes it an ideal “moment of need” support tool. Whether on the retail floor or in branch, information that needs to be shared with clients needs to be concise, strategically focused and available immediately. Micro mobile technology can deliver real value at the point of purchase

“I learned a lot about each device’s features and functionality and also about the operating system. That really helps sell the devices. Being knowledgeable is much better in order to close sales.”
Sales Associate, US retail