Gather information on what motivates your employees and clients. Identify trends in behaviour, inspire collaboration and increase revenue.

Our robust analytics package makes it easy to discover what employees and customers have learnt, acknowledge learners and reward behaviour. Our data management lets you consolidate employee and customer information across the enterprise, channels and technology. Individual data profiles give the most complete picture of your customers and the partners you want to reach – no matter where they are.

With the Horizn’s platform you can tie knowledge and engagement to specific business outcomes. With our analytics and reporting engine, you can have custom dashboards that answer questions specific to your business needs. You get comprehensive insights on the performance of learning assets and training, and understand user and location behaviour on a granular level.

The Horizn platform has helped our clients significantly accelerate the way they take innovations to market, in some cases inciting 85% employee adoption and a 25% increase in employee mobile platform usage.

Most of our clients are launching new products and bringing innovative technology to market, we regularly see how increased proficiency on new products directly impacts business outcomes. With Horizn’s analytics and reporting engine you can create dashboards that map to your KPIs.

“I personally had customers coming in wanting a competitive product. I’m always delighted to steer them in the other direction because of this new feature I learned about. It really is a huge selling point.”
Sales Associate US Retail