Experiences matter, it’s a competitive world we live in. We help brands differentiate themselves and drive brand advocacy in retail environments.

The Industry Challenge

Today’s shoppers walk into retail with more research about competing products than ever before—what are you doing to make sure they walk out with your products? In the ever-changing world of retail it is becoming more challenging to promote, recommend and monitor your product’s presence on the sales floor. Retail sales associates can influence purchase decisions

The Opportunity with Horizn

The Horizn Knowledge Platform increases retail associates knowledge, drives product recommendations and increases sales. Our proprietary platform engages associates in online mobile communities with learning activities, promotional activations, in-platform sales support, and incentives and rewards. The Platform helps win early adopters and increases your ability to capture and sustain market leadership.

Horizn’s Go-to-Market Platform is category-defining for retail. Built for rapid adoption of new products and innovative technology with sales associates.

Sales Associate App

Horizn’s sales associate training platform ensures all front-line employees are digitally fluent in real-time and anytime on your latest products innovation.

Brand Ambassador & Seeding

Sales associate become technologically-savvy ambassadors for your products and increase sales. The platform supports ambassador and seeding programs.

In-Store Mobile & Tablet

Horizn’s in-store retail app helps you increase product adoption and sales amongst employees and consumers.