Amplify the rate critical content is shared, knowledge is created and questions answered.

In an age of distraction, your workforce, channel partners and clients are barraged with options and noise like never before. Today’s knowledge platforms like Horizn help you break through the clutter, engage key stakeholders and retain their interest to drive performance and sales.

The progression from social media to social learning is where forward-thinking enterprises begin to tap into the value their employees and partners bring to drive their competitive advantage. The data captured from social learning allows decision makers to understand the value of their stakeholders and the impact of their knowledge.

Social learning is intrinsic and organic. Horizn’s social technology capability nurtures information and knowledge sharing among peers and clients across vehicles such as discussion boards, news feeds, ratings, product reviews, user generated content and other social learning methods.

The platform’s core principles touch on all areas of a business, whether for business to-customer engagement, employee-to-employee collaboration, or supply chain optimization. We help get information out and information shared. The world is rapidly becoming social and businesses need to be prepared.

Mobile Cheque Deposit – Who has tried it?

“Have you tried the cheque deposit feature yourself or with a client– what reaction did you get from the client? Was it easy and was the client WOW’d by this feature?”

Front-Line Employee - Large National Bank