Horizn matches the capability of people with the capability of technology.

Micro-Learning Moments

Our learning methodology is the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units, broken down into logical content specific to customer behaviors.

  • Fast-paced and immediate learning
  • In-the-moment knowledge
  • Ongoing rapid digital adoption


Engage with Gamification

Gamified learning supports a healthy competitive culture and makes learning fun. We incorporate points, badges, leaderboards and incentives to the process. 

  • Activate the spirit of competition
  • Enhance overall learning and knowledge
  • Improve retention rates.


Scalable Social Technology

Your enterprise can tap into scalable social learning for real-time feedback and data capture on how customers and employees are interacting with new innovations.

  • Organic, real-time learning with social sharing
  • Amplifies knowledge contributions
  • Wider learning distribution capacity


Advanced Analtyics

Our robust analytics identifies knowledge retention and pinpoints how increased employee and customer knowledge can directly impacts business outcomes.

  • Track sessions, demos performed and time learning
  • Trends between active users and increased adoption
  • Integrate marketing analytics with micro-learning


Multi-Channel Distribution

We tag and track user behavior across multiple channels and customer touch points, including your online marketing, with your mobile apps and digital channels 

  • Track usage by integrating tagging within digital marketing activity
  • Leverage customer behavior insights to encourage feature and digital adoption


Enterprise Scale

Using our Mobile SaaS platform, we’ve already partnered with large corporate global enterprises like Lenovo, Royal Bank of Canada, Motorola Global and Nationwide Building Society (UK).

  • Scalable knowledge distribution in multiple languages and countries.
  • Flexible solution: desktop, mobile web, Android and iOS.