Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Head of Ventures at 11:FS and the host of Fintech Insider’s The Breakfast Show, sat down with Horizn CEO Janice Diner and SVP Sales Steve Frook about getting customers and staff digitally fluent fast and the importance of “the last mile of innovation.”

The COVID pandemic posed both challenges and opportunities for the financial industry, says Horizn CEO Janice Diner. “A lot of innovation was being created that not everyone knew about,” she told Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Head of Ventures at 11:FS. In a wide-ranging conversation for Taylor’s Fintech Insider Breakfast Show, Diner and Horizn VP Sales Steve Frook explored the dilemma banks are facing and the solutions Horizn’s products and services offer at a time of rapid change in the industry.

“We have an Employee Platform and a Self-Serve Customer Platform,” Diner says. “Everything the bank is producing in all corners is fair game for us.”

“On average,” says Frook, “we’re able to increase digital adoption by 25% with our banking partners.” And 20% of non-digital customers, he adds, are converted to digital simply through using Horizn’s Digital Demos.

“It’s the power of being able to show people how to utilize the capabilities that the bank has launched. After you show somebody how to utilize it, then all of a sudden they start to adopt it.”

Horizn’s platform also helps bank employees answer digital calls with confidence. Frook calls it “on-the-fly job training.”

“Being able to see that customer logging in and then being able to show them demos of how to utilize the platform, in a pre-authenticated space, was super powerful,” Frook explains. “You’re literally showing them step by step how to go about something that they’re doing for the first time.”

“Banks are going to have to continue this journey,” Taylor agrees. “I think it’s 1% finished, as we like to say at 11:FS.”

“Each different segment of your customer base may need a different approach when you’re trying to get them over the digital divide,” says Frook. He calls it “the last mile of innovation.”

“[It’s] making sure that this great product that you’ve come up with, this great feature that you’ve launched, making sure that customers and employees are aware of it, know how to use it, and then are confident enough to be able to use it.”

Watch the full conversation above.