Season's Greetings, A holiday gift from Horizn

With all the challenges of the past year, Horizn was fortunate to partner with some extraordinary clients in 2020. As a way to thank them, we decided to pay it forward.

On our clients’ behalf, we recently purchased an Alinker Walking Bike for a person in need. Developed through crowdfunding in 2014, this non-motorized mobility device gives control and accessibility back to people with mobility issues. It was created by Dutch designer and inventor Barbara Alink. She built the prototype for her mother as a mobility device that could be practical and playful, without the stigma of a walker. The bike comes in a cheery yellow and lets users stay eye-level while looking straight ahead, a difference that’s both sociable and empowering.

Actress Selma Blair has spoken movingly about how the Alinker changed her life after she was diagnosed with MS in 2018. She’s helped lead crowdfunding campaigns — which Alink calls “the Selma Fund” — to get the bikes to people who need them.

The Alinker company is a certified B Corporation and SheEO venture, measuring its social and environmental impact through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. And BE Alink herself, the company’s CEO, was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Female Founders for 2020.

As we look forward to the year ahead, we remain committed to helping our clients and their customers make the move to digital quickly and easily. And we look forward to the day when face-to-face is second nature again. Happy holidays, and all the best for 2021!