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How will serving customers evolve in 2021?

BAI’s Holly Hughes moderates a panel discussion with Ravi Vakacherla chief transformation officer from People’s United Bank.

In this webinar, they talk about digital and the idea of adding a human touch to digital transactions. Of course this has gotten more attention in light of the pandemic. Together they explore ways are the People’s United is doing this now and how they expect it to evolve in the coming years?

Ravi talks about agility as key to supporting the significant  increase in our contact center volumes, and to support a number of our branch employees who they have trained on digital customer support. 

He talks about providing the customers with small sets of seamless digital education tools and for the employees too. People’s employees are now serving customers digitally and have additional tools like Horizn’s Digital Demos to  make sure it makes it easier for both customers and employees 

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