The Breaking Banks podcast hosted a conversation with Horizn CEO Janice Diner and VP Sales Steve Frook, along with Finovate VP Greg Palmer, about the importance of self-service and product education in a fast-changing digital world.

“Whether you’re an employer or a customer, you’re a human,” says Horizn CEO Janice Diner. And with the speed of digital transformation in the post-pandemic world, she adds, it’s important “to get people comfortable.”

Diner and Horizn VP Sales Steve Frook were invited onto Breaking Banks, the world’s top fintech podcast hosted by JP Nichols, along with Finovate VP Greg Palmer. The conversation touched on how to navigate a shifting digital landscape, and how Horizn’s platform has become an indispensable tool for bringing a bank’s staff and customers up to speed fast.

Diner notes that leveraging a bank’s digital capabilities requires educating both digital natives and novices, as well as a basic awareness of the features available. Horizn’s platform addresses these needs with intuitive, user-friendly tools.

“We have self-serve tools that are aimed at customers who are looking for the digital answer on their own,” Steve Frook explains. “We also have assisted-serve capabilities … for those customers at the bank who might need more of a helping hand.”

It’s not just customers who benefit, he adds. “That call-centre rep, or that in-branch rep, can give an extremely high-quality answer on all of their [bank’s] digital capabilities.”

The pandemic has made digital fluency essential. “All of a sudden, everyone had to bank digitally,” says Diner. “So any way you could get them information became mission critical.” Banks have included Horizn’s Digital Demos on their home pages and emails, on product pages and FAQs. They have become a vital resource as demand has grown across the globe. (Horizn partners with banks worldwide.)

Yet even before the pandemic, Horizn’s platform was resonating with audiences, says Finovate’s Greg Palmer. “There’s this idea,” he notes, “that if more people understood what fintech really could offer, what [its] technological solutions could do, that it would become more popular. What Horizn does is make a lot of fintech solutions accessible. You make it possible for people to learn about them and really see what options are out there.”

Digital transformation is a good thing, Palmer says. What Horizn has shown, he explains, is that “once you are able to get out in front of people and say, look, here’s how you can use this — this is a really easy, accessible way to learn — then you start to see people adopting it.”

Palmer thinks there’s a lesson here for the entire fintech industry, “people who spend all their time building solutions for end customers. You hope that as customers learn more about it, they start to say, ‘Yeah, this actually is really great. I want to keep using it!’”

Listen to the full conversation here.