Episode 353: Murder Hornets, Firenados, and Your 2021 Strategic Plan by Breaking Banks – The #1 Global Fintech Podcast

Finovate Fall Digital 2020 kicks off in just a few weeks. Host JP Nicols chats with Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate, about everything set to occur during the virtual event. Next, Janice Diner and Steve Frook from Horizn, Finovate Europe 2020 Best in Show winner, will discuss the importance of self-servicing and product education in digital transformation. Skip to 13:46 to hear Horizn chat with JP Nicols and Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer talks about Horizn. “We in Fintech operate under the assumption that what we are doing is important, and what we are doing is helpful to people they just don’t know it yet. There’s this idea  that if more people understood what fintech offered and what technology solutions could do, they would become more popular. Horizn makes digital solutions accessible and makes it possible for people to learn about them and see what options are out there, then they can make an informed decision on how best they want to proceed.”