CBA Webinar-Recovered


• Kirk Benson, SVP, CBB Business Digital Officer U.S. Bank
• Brandon Horbowicz, Vice President, Senior Sales Strategy Manager, M&T Bank
• Christian Gregory, VP, Commercial Digital Products, People’s United Bank

As the world responds to the crisis, digital banking has moved from being a nice-to-have to the primary way to do banking. Customer digital behaviors, needs, and expectations have changed overnight. Banks are now helping their customer digital banking needs amid branch closures, call center increased wait times, and financial crisis.

Most financial institutions across the globe have responded to COVID-19 social distancing with carefully crafted customer communications as related to digital banking. Much is being devoted to supporting each bank’s digital capabilities and encouraging usage. Nearly every institution in the world suddenly has two near-term goals that are likely long-term goals as well.

  • Get the non-digital customers banking digitally from home

  • Get the active digital users to more broadly leverage the bank’s digital assets

During this discussion, we’ll share examples and best practices from several banks on how they handled customer digital banking in response to the COVID-19 crisis. These banks will also discuss how they are looking at re-entry and post-crisis digital banking opportunities as related to overall digital banking and adoption.

The Webinar Covers:

  1. Supporting both non-digital customer basic digital banking needs and helping existing digital customers more broadly leverage all the bank’s digital capabilities.

  2. How banks are supporting customer digital banking needs by distributing digital product knowledge into bank websites, support pages, digital marketing, and email campaigns.

  3. How contact centers are using both employee and customer digital education to reduce call center volumes and help colleagues quickly answer how-to digital questions.

  4. An open discussion on re-entry and post-COVID-19 implications as related to digital banking.