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Finovate Podcast host Greg Palmer invited Horizn CEO Janice Diner to talk about educating bank customers, turning employees into digital advocates and how a Best of Show winner responded to COVID-19.

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“Horizn focuses on the human side of digitalization,” says Horizn CEO Janice Diner. “There has never been a more important time to be truly digital.” In conversation with Finovate Podcast host Greg Palmer, Diner discussed Horizn’s commitment to helping bank customers become digitally fluent.

“We had this early ‘A-ha’ moment,” she says. “We realized we were teaching humans about innovation and how to bank digitally.”

The insight shifted the focus from the technical to the personal: how to get new users comfortable with digital banking and get digital natives using more advanced features, all at the rapid pace at which new products and features are being launched.

“Digital banking has moved from a nice-to-have to, in some cases, the only way to do banking,” Diner says.

Horizn’s bank customers globally — including U.S. Bank, M&T Bank, Lloyds, HSBC, RBC, and People’s United Bank — have been using the company’s Self-Serve Customer Direct Platform and Digital Demos as part of their COVID-19 mission-critical communications, ensuring customers are confident and able to bank digitally right away.

“We can get you started with five key Digital Demos that show your customers how to bank digitally,” Diner explains. These cover the essentials of digital banking: how to download the bank’s app, deposit a check, pay a bill, set up a recurring payment and transfer money.

Horizn also offers key support tactics to make the demos more effective. They include building home pages or COVID-specific landing pages with links to demos of digital and mobile products and features. These are followed with email communications from senior executives that link to demos and support pages. Paid social media posts and ads drive additional traffic, and contact centres are trained to leverage Digital Demos on calls and chat support.

“Horizn is providing a short-term license package of our cloud-based Customer Digital Platform and Digital Demos,” Diner says. “Working with our robust, enterprise-grade Customer Digital Platform, we can get you up and running within two weeks.”

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