Nationwide long

There is no doubt the future of banking will rely on digital platforms and the widespread adoption of new technologies. With that in mind Janice Horizn’s CEO talks with longtime client Charity Wood, Head of Digital Skills & Knowledge at Nationwide Building Society in the UK.

Together they tackle 4 questions

Question 1: What’s it been like the last 8 months? How has COVID changed the way Nationwide thinks about digital banking?

Question 2: In a member first world, talk to us about digital segmentation and how Nationwide is thinking about its members

Question 3: How has the role and expectation of colleagues in your branches & contact centres changed with respect to digital?

Question 4: What’s next with respect to digital? Where is Nationwide going and what is required to be successful?

In this fireside chat Charity talks about the importance frontline and the immediate need for easy access to both practical how-to digital product knowledge and complex digital banking expertise at their fingertips

“The way in which we’re asking our colleagues to work is different as well as then being met with member expectation that I guess is evolving probably faster than expected. Our colleagues want to know more about how they can help members to help themselves. What we’re recognizing is that it’s about being able to pass on and share knowledge to others.”

Watch the video to learn more