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The Cultural Shift: Digital banking knowledge is an expectation for both customers and employees. With that in mind Janice Horizn’s CEO talks with client Holly Pontisso VP Customer Experience at Scotiabank.

Together they tackle 4 questions

Question 1: What’s it been like the last 8 months? How has COVID changed the way Scotiabank thinks about digital banking?

Question 2: The digital expectation of frontline employees has skyrocketed.   What has Scotiabank been doing to ensure that your employees digital fluency can keep up to expectations? 

Question 3: You led the charge at Scotiabank launching a program called Bank Your Way which is focused on helping those new to digital banking. Share with us a bit about that initiative and the customer feedback that you received?

Question 4: Looking ahead twelve months, what does digital banking look like from a Scotiabank perspective? What are you most excited about?

In this fireside chat Holly talks about  Scotiabank’s innovative approach to helping new to digital customers bank online. As Holly stated, “Well, we know digital adoption is driven a lot by our sort of offline channels, such as the contact center and the branches”. She further discussed, “we’ve been really purposeful about making sure that we’re educating our frontline teams on the basics for our customers, because we have this new wave of people that are digital banking”.

Watch the video to learn more