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As the expectation with the frontline skyrocketed, RBC made certain their frontline employees were digital fluent and equipped to  talk digital with their customers. With that in mind Janice Horizn’s CEO talks with longtime client Emma Ballentyne, Senior Director of Digital Sales at RBC Royal bank of Canada.

Together they tackle 5 questions

Question 1: What’s it been like the last 8 months? How has COVID changed the way RBC thinks about digital banking?

Question 2: The digital expectation of frontline employees has skyrocketed.  What has RBC been doing to ensure that your employees’ digital fluency can keep up to expectations?

Question 3: RBC’s renewed investment in digital activation resulted in demonstrable improvements in staff and client engagement led to quantifiable improvements in business metrics. Can you talk a bit about this?

Question 4: In the Celent Model Bank case study RBC talks a bit about lessons learned,  like personalization, activation plan and test & learn, can you give some insights on this?

Question 5: Looking ahead 12 months, what does digital banking look like from a RBC perspective? What are you most excited about?

In this fireside chat Emma talks about the importance frontline and the immediate need for easy access to both practical how-to digital product knowledge and complex digital banking expertise at their fingertips

I think that what has changed is when we first started, it was okay and acceptable to have one digital expert within each of the branches, or the advice center. And that’s really shifted towards everybody needs to have a level of digital fluency and expertise, and it’s not just the digital fluency. It’s not just knowing that we have digital capabilities, but it’s also being confident about talking about those digital capabilities, and the importance and the value of digital to our clients. With the digital learn platform, the gamification of teaching them what those capabilities are, providing the quizzes, the interactive tutorials where they can understand the value of these capabilities.”

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