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As banks and other financial institutions drive digital transformation and launch new innovations, one of the major challenges is the “last mile”: getting customers to adopt digital capabilities. Many banks are finding that adoption levels are falling short of expectations. One of our customers recently told us that 90% of its clients’ online interactions only involve five banking capabilities.

Competing against 60 other companies, Horizn captured “Best of Show” honors.

The recognition reflects Horizn’s impact on banks looking to drive ROI from their digital transformation investments, and how we’re well-positioned to accelerate digital adoption.

Horizn has a proven track record with banks globally of accelerating the digital adoption of new and existing innovations. Using Horizn, banks globally have increased mobile adoption by 25%, reduced call center times by 45 seconds, and converted 20% of non-digital customers to mobile banking using our in-branch demo module. Our success was recognized recently at Finovate Europe 2020 in Berlin.

The key to our success is we make it easy for a bank’s customers and employees to become digitally fluent and confident. We understand digital adoption happens when people understand the benefits of new technologies and, as important, how to use them.

We’re focused on the human side of digitization.

Horizn realizes that banks will be challenged to implement digital banking and be successful unless their customers are digitally fluent, aware, and confident in all their capabilities.

Using a combination of micro-learning, simulators, gamification, and in-depth analytics, Horizn’s platform helps banks distribute product knowledge with employees, digital ambassadors, hip-to-hip with customers in-branch, in call centers, direct to customers online (, and within marketing activities.

When customers and employees are knowledgable about your digital products, it drives adoption and as important, they are more likely to use a wider variety of innovations into their daily lives.

As we like to say, digital innovation is nothing without adoption.

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