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Horizn, the No. 1 digital acceleration platform designed exclusively for financial service institutions, is pleased to announce it has been awarded Best of Show at Finovate Fall Digital 2020.

Horizn helps banks recognize the ROI of their digital transformation investments and accelerates knowledge and usage of all digital banking capabilities among both customers and employees. This is the second Best of Show Finovate Win for Horizn

There is no doubt the future of banking will rely on digital platforms and the widespread adoption of new technologies. With that certainty in mind, banks globally use Horizn to equip both customers and employees with the knowledge needed to accelerate usage of the banks’ digital capabilities.

“It’s great to see Finovate recognize the impact that Horizn is having on banks worldwide,” said Horizn CEO Janice Diner. “While COVID-19 may have accelerated the shift to digital, Horizn ensures bank customers stay digital.”

Worldwide, nearly every institution now has three enduring digital banking challenges that Horizn can help with:

  1. Get the nondigital or new-to-digital customers understanding and banking digitally.

  2. Get the active digital customers to more broadly leverage all of a bank’s digital capabilities.

  3. Maximize adoption and limit friction for all new digital product and feature launches

Watch the video to see Horizn demo their product with client examples