Getting your new technology to market fast is critical. For competition advantage your stakeholders must be proficient on your new products and technology. We at Horizn understand this.

As consumers become more digitally engaged and mobile devices ubiquitous, there is demand for better and easier access to financial services. Financial institutions are facing unprecedented shifts in consumer expectations for services, increased demand for digital access, and a high propensity among consumers to switch banks, coupled with disruptive competition from new entrants and technology start-ups.

At Horizn we understand that your stakeholders must be proficient on the new products and technology you are bringing to market. As part of the push to create innovative and disruptive new products you need to be thinking about a learning and adoption strategy across the enterprise and for your clients. This is where we at Horizn can help.

  • The Horizn platform allows for rapid deployment of product training to large enterprises on any device.
  •  You can get stakeholders across multiple divisions aligned with the new technology and products, this includes you employees, partners and consumers.
  • Create a centralized, intuitive, enjoyable, and dynamic digital learning environment.
  • Driving peer to peer learning with the perfect blend of social learning technology and game play in a mobile first environment.
  • Proven results: we are seeing as much as 85% product adoption with our financial clients.

The Horizn platform is agile and fast, and is built to engage today’s employees, partners and consumers. Horizn embraces the dynamics of Social and Mobile Learning and Game Play Technology to effectively engage and incentivize your team on your latest products and services.

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