Horizn was one of several companies that demoed cutting-edge technology solutions to the audience at FinovateEurope 2018.

“At Horizn, we provide solutions for financial institutions to improve digital adoption and then also improve the customer digital experience,” says Steve Frook, Horizn VP Sales.

Horizn’s two platforms – one focused on the bank employees, and the other on bank customers – help banks turn their frontline employees into digital advocates and help customers get answers to their digital banking questions.

“Companies are recognizing that they need to come up with innovation that needs to be deployed fairly quickly, just for business survival,” explains Frook. Horizn’s platforms empower the bank to ensure that everyone, from employees to customers, are knowledgeable about each new innovation that the bank releases.

“Every single bank that we’re partnered with today, and banks that we’ll be partnered with throughout the year, have higher and higher demands on being able to increase their digital adoption,” explains Frook.

Frook also observed that the vast majority of the solutions being presented at FinovateEurope 2018 are practical and could be deployed in the market today, as opposed to something that might be futuristic or that banks aren’t ready for.

“I think what’s also exciting is banks are now able to absorb more innovation than ever before,” says Frook. The future looks bright at FinovateEurope!