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Dear Banks of the Future

I have met you before, well not you exactly and perhaps not your financial institution specifically, but you see I have been travelling, selling, talking and pitching to financial institutions around the world. I have been on many stages on this side of the ocean and across the pond. I have heard some of the great financial institution thought leaders of our generation speak. I have seen and spoken with many innovation leaders and met with their teams. And I am sure you and your bank are one of them.

Everyone knows that banks have been setting up digital labs with the focus on digital transformation at the forefront. In London, I was blown by the sheer size of the next generation of this transformation: when I walked into one of the largest global banks’ new innovation offices, they had over 700 technology employees per floor, developers, UX, strategists, you name it. In fact, they had to put team name tags at the front of each row just to ensure that staff could find their seats each day. We are witnessing unprecedented change in the industry and we are just getting started, some say we are only 1% done.

In the past year I met with many financial institutions and I was told you were in a hurry, that you were innovating fast, taking on agile processes and breaking new ground “everywhere”. But you can’t stall on this one, your employees and your customers really need to be aware of what you are launching and in turn learn how to use it if you expect to increase adoption of your latest digital innovation. Whatever your role in the industry, new entrants and market dynamics are rapidly forcing your window of opportunity to close.

Build it and they will come… is a myth! It is not a strategy or a method of adoption.

It is REALLY a senior executive priority to get employees, relationship managers, call centers and customers understanding and using your new digital innovation. I am sure you do not think it is okay to send a 20-page pdf via email to employees at the launch of your new innovation that you are spending millions on and expect them to open it.

We at Horizn know for sure that to succeed, you need to take the cultural side of digital transformation as seriously as you take the building of digital innovation. Today, access to knowledge and information needs be instantaneous and effortless. The pace of business is accelerating, and both your employees and customers face higher demands to keep up with unprecedented change.

Introducing Horizn’s NEW Customer Knowledge Platform

Horizn announced today the introduction of Horizn’s NEW Customer Knowledge Platform, a ground-breaking extension to its Employee Knowledge Platform. The Horizn solution is the first ever Knowledge Platform designed specifically to increase digital adoption for BOTH employees and customers. The new Customer Knowledge Platform is in market with 16 million customers at one of North America’s largest banks.

Just imagine if every time you launched a new product or feature, the second it goes to market everyone is fluent, both your employees and your customers. With the Horizn solution you can do this, and our results with clients are impressive: we increased the bank’s mobile adoption 25% and brought call center times down 45 seconds. We got 84% of their employees trained FAST in just 8 weeks and then demoing to customers in branch.

Horizn is the only solution that allows organizations to tie the impact of both employee and customer knowledge to change behaviour and drive adoption of digital innovation and new  technology.

At FinovateSpring San Jose, we are going to demo our latest product release, the NEW Customer Knowledge Platform, as well as our Employee Knowledge Platform, with In-Branch Demo.

We would be happy to give you a demo and we will be posting the FinovateSpring video shortly. Please do not hesitate to contact me janice.diner@horizn or our VP Sales Steve Frook steve.frook@horizn.com and we can walk you through what we are doing and the amazing results our clients are seeing with the Horizn platform.

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