Horizn’s CEO Janice Diner expands upon what Horizn demoed to the FinovateEurope 2017 audience.

“We have a mobile enterprise SaaS platform that integrates gamification, microlearning and social technology,” explains Diner. She goes on to describe a common, relatable situation that many banks who are innovating find themselves in.

“You’ve just spent a lot of money on a piece of innovation,” Diner says. “You need your employees, your customer support and your clients really knowledgeable about the new product so they can increase usage, adoption, participation.”

Horizn started out with a focus on the employee side of things, partnering with one of the largest North American banks. Due to initial success, company has expanded to also offer a customer platform, and is now in about 40 countries.

Diner poses a redundant question: “How much great technology lies on the cutting table that doesn’t get adopted and into market?” The answer is far more than any bank would like.

Ultimately, innovation is nothing without adoption. That’s where Horizn comes in.

“There’s no technology to help put a process around people learning and adoption. So that’s what we do,” says Diner.