Motorola Insiders is live globally with an Android native app. This app targets retail sales associates around the world. In emerging markets where online data plans can be cost prohibitive for workers, we have developed a native Android OS app that allows learners to learn “cost free” by downloading larger learning files like videos and SCORM.

Think about it, how many workers are sitting on the subway right now looking to pass sometime. With this app, your employees and partners can truly take their learning anywhere anytime, on the plane, on the subway and completely offline. When users go back online they can sync their courses and progress back to the platform.

Generally an HTML5 Mobile app is the easiest way to get fully accessible via any mobile device: Windows Phone, Android 3.3 or above, iOS 7 or above. Our mobile solution’s supports all forms of mobile learning content, videos, SCORM eLearning, ppt, quizzes and others.

With such a huge mobile popularity, it is a useful exercise for organizations to perform a “litmus test” on their readiness in leveraging mobile learning. For any organization, the overarching goal should be to implement a mobile learning ecosystem that:

  • Is technology and platform-agnostic
  • Allows cost-effective, multi-platform development
  • Content and learning is mobile friendly.
  • And of course scales rapidly

In summary mobile learning is an absolute must with today’s employees and partners. Mobile learning can help employees achieve an accelerated time-to-competence, reduce errors, improve compliance ratios and customer experience, produce higher productivity, and increased sales closures. Mobile learning will do all this, while the employees are still on the field, at the task, and when it is needed the most.