We are always amazed at how much staff have to say once they are given a forum to share content and best practice. We take social learning seriously: our discussion boards are often one of the most active learning and shared resources on our platform. Discussions serve as a forum that allows users to ask questions, post tips and interact with others.

One of the most interesting observations we have noticed, is that everyone really likes to share what they know. We find this in every country and every language. In Brazil we hear from sales associates about their stories on the floor in the retail store. In North America we hear from tellers how they are showing and explain the latest mobile features to their customers in the branch. This crowdsourcing of knowledge we like to think of as the “water cooler” conversations that go on between employees going through their daily jobs.

We got one of the largest retail banks up and running in 6 weeks and employees fully compliant in 8 weeks, armed and ready to talk with clients.

Horizn partners with banks and financial institutions who are looking to take the next important step in their evolution, modernizing their learning infrastructure while utilizing an impressive suite of apps to improve new product knowledge, adopt new technology and engage their customers.

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