Paris Fintech

Accelerating digital adoption is a major hurdle for banks globally.

As banks make significant investments in digital transformation, they need customers to not only embrace new digital innovations but make them an integral part of their daily lives. At the Paris FinTech Forum, Janice Diner, Horizn’s CEO and Founding Partner, said she talked to senior bank executives and attended sessions to understand the European landscape and the focus on digital adoption.

Diner said European banks encounter the same challenges as their global counterparts to accelerate digital adoption among bank customers and employees.

“I’m excited about the global market,” she said, adding that Horizn recently closed a deal with one of the world’s largest banks.

Horizn’s platform is exclusively designed to help banks and other financial institutions accelerate digital adoption and improve the customer experience. It ensures that a bank’s employees and customers are digitally fluent and confident. The platform extends across the full bank ecosystem: employee, customers, in-branch, call center, digital ambassador, customer referrals, and marketing.