Horizn was selected to demo its technology at the Sibos FinTech Theatre with Royal Bank of Canada.

Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event. This annual banking and financial conference is organized by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) in various cities all across the world.

The FinTech Theatre gives startups a chance to present with their clients, and Horizn was thrilled to present onstage with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

On the precipices of digital acceleration and transformation the likes of which the industry had never seen before, RBC had a moment of clairvoyance: a digital activation strategy was needed to support the digital acceleration and digital transformation underway at RBC. It teamed with Canadian fintech company Horizn.

In their presentation to the Sibos 2017 audience, Bryan Herskovits, Director, Digital Activation, RBC and Janice Diner, CEO of Horizn, discuss the democratization of information around digital banking for both employees and clients.

Herskovits explains the approach this way: “We are bringing digital adoption to our clients, through our staff, in a very fulsome way.”

RBC has experienced both initial and ongoing success with the Horizn platform.  Major milestones include 84% of users trained in 8 weeks, with a 20% increase in employee mobile adoption during the same time period. The shift in culture was just as dramatic.

We see a bright, bright future and Horizn has been an amazing FinTech partner for us to work with,” says Herskovits.