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When most people think of digital transformation, they think of technology and innovation. But digital transformation doesn’t happen without people discovering, learning and adopting it.

At the 2019 Sibos conference in London, England, Horizn had the opportunity to discuss the human side of digital transformation. As companies race ahead with digitalization, says Horizn CEO Janice Diner, they often forget about the employees who have to learn it, and the customers who have to adopt it.

“If you don’t take the time to put in place processes and structures to enable people to understand what you’re doing,” she says, “you’re missing the mark.”

Two key pillars of digital adoption are fluency and confidence. Employees need to learn about new innovations so they can engage and connect with customers. When an employee is knowledgeable, a non-digital customer can be converted into a new digital customer, and digital customers can be encouraged to do even more online.

Even in the marketing of digital innovation, Diner says, awareness is just the beginning.

“When you think of typical marketing, a website, for example, just telling a customer that Apple Pay is a cool feature — you’re not telling customers about how to use Apple Pay and how they set it up. What if you could do that as part of your marketing?”

Horizn has been at the forefront of this people-centred approach to digital transformation. Since we launched our digital adoption platform in 2011, our bank clients globally have experienced a 25% increase in digital adoption and converted 20% of non-digital customers to mobile banking using our in-branch demo module.

Horizn is different from traditional learning-management systems. Our platform has a unique combination of micro-learning, user-friendly simulators, gamification and in-depth analytics. We transform how bank employees learn — when you make learning fun, digital confidence and fluency follow. In six to eight weeks, we get an average of 85% of a bank’s workforce up to speed digitally and demoing new products to customers.

Horizn’s platform also helps bank customers discover, learn about and adopt new and existing digital innovations.

We help banks give their customers always-on access to “how-to” learning. Banks have embedded our simulators in their websites, chatbots, mobile apps and marketing activities.

Our simulators show customers the value of digital products and how to successfully use and adopt them.

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