The last mile of innovation – employee advocacy!

Ensure your employees have the right knowledge

Empower employees with knowledge and the ability to convey this knowledge to your customers, accelerating adoption of your latest innovations.


Frontline Employees

Give employees the tools to boost customer fluency in your latest innovation by enabling ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.


In-Branch Demo

Enable employees to demo digital capabilities to customers across the branch network, accelerating customer adoption.


Call Center

Empower your call center employees to share Simulators with bank customers, reducing call times and call center traffic.


Ambassador Programs

Ensure ongoing learning and digital fluency with a platform proven to boost efficacy of Digital Ambassador Programs.

Benefits of Horizn:

  • Employee Onboarding – Our smart solution seamlessly onboards your entire workforce, digitally engaging them in your latest innovations. This is mission critical to successfully achieve digital transformation.
  • Digital Confidence – Our micro-learning simulation methodology helps employees become digitally savvy with short, digestible, well-planned units, broken down into logical content moments specific to customer behaviors.
  • Increased Adoption – Our platform gets your employees digitally aware, fluent, and confident in your latest innovation. Employees can proactively transfer their knowledge via relevant customer conversations.
  • Improved Customer Experience – We align your employees’ knowledge with the customer journey, so when one of your customers has a question, every single employee is ready with immediate, simple, and direct answers.
  • Real-time Communication – We embed discussion boards into our learning methodology, giving you front-seat, real-time insights into how employees and customers are interacting with your latest digital innovation.
  • Knowledge Retention – We incorporate points, badges, and leaderboards into the employee learning experience. Gamifying learning supports a healthy competitive culture and increases knowledge retention.