Make it easy for customers and take care to help them adopt and use digital tools

Ensure that your frontline employees can talk and demo digital products with your customers.

Despite the growing preference for digital banking channels, branch banking is far from obsolete, with banks worldwide endeavoring to re-invent the branch experience to increase appeal and convenience for customers.


As banks reconfigure branch networks, success hinges on newly skilled and engaged employees. With the Horizn In-Branch Digital Demos, frontline employees can easily talk and demo digital features to customers. It is crucial to show customers how to self-serve. Smart branches using our technology improve the customer experience and significantly increase digital adoption.

Benefits of In-Branch Digital Demos:

  • Proven Measurable ResultsOur clients’ employees have demoed over 14.5 million product simulators to their customers. Banks using our in-branch demo module with non-digital customers have converted 20% to mobile banking.
  • Employee Tablets – Tablets give employees the freedom to demo in-branch and to walk customers through digital processes. All digital demo behavior is tracked – frontline employees can get digital points for demoing simulators to customers in-branch.
  • Customer Self-Service – Banks are deploying the In-Branch Digital Demos on kiosks, allowing customers the “self-service” experience to explore all digital features at their own pace.
  • Improved Customer Experience – We align your employees’ knowledge with the customer journey, so when one of your customers has a question, every single employee is ready with immediate, simple, and direct answers.
  • Increase Digital ConfidenceOur simulator methodology allows customers to try new digital banking features before using them live. Your customers gain knowledge and confidence to begin using new digital innovation.
  • Instant Feature Adoption – Our proprietary Simulator Micro-Learning methodology helps customers immediately understand, try out and use multiple digital features.