“Build it and they will come”, is a myth!

Employee and Customer Knowledge Platforms

Our vision is to match the capability of people with the capability of technology. By combining employee and customer experiences, the Horizn Knowledge Platform makes certain everyone (all users) are digitally fluent the second your innovation hits the market.


Your employees are your most important advocates in your pursuit of digital transformation. With the Employee Knowledge Platform, your workforce will be digitally aware, knowledgeable and prepared to support your customers on the retail floor and in the call center.

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Give your customers the knowledge they need to understand and adopt your latest digital solutions. Whether it’s embedding AI into your mobile app, launching new online capabilities or anything in between, we help you onboard, retain and grow your customers.

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Client Success

Horizn assists market-leading companies achieve full integration of their latest innovation. We have trained over 400,000 employees, made product learning available to over 23 million customers and helped launch products in 40 countries and 15 languages.


Speed to Market

In 8 weeks, 84% of one of NA’s largest bank’s workforce were up-to-speed and demoing new products to customers.


Boost Mobile Adoption

Using the Horizn Knowledge Platform, we increased our clients’ mobile active use by as much as 25%.


Decreased Call Center Times

We reduce call handling times by 45 seconds by deploying micro-learning to employees and customers.


Increased Product Sales

Digital Ambassadors using the platform sold 5 more new products to customers over thier peers.

Product Features

A revolutionary approach, embracing micro-learning, scalable social technologies, with elements of gamification to drive engagement and advance analytics.