Proven impact with the world’s largest financial institutions

The mission is clear, every time your institution launches a new innovation, product, or feature the second it goes to market, Horizn ensures that EVERYONE – your employees and customers – are digitally fluent and digitally confident.

Digital Innovation is Nothing Without Adoption

We have trained over 500,000 employees, made product learning available to over 70 million bank customers.  Collectively our clients have done over 14 million digital simulator demos with their employees and customers and we have awarded over 940 million game points for courses completed.

The Employee Platform

Empower your entire workforce with the knowledge needed to understand and be ready to talk digital with your customers across all channels.

The Customer Platform

Make digital product knowledge available directly to your customers with The Customer Platform to improve the customer experience and accelerate digital adoption.

The Results

We dramatically increase digital adoption on average by 25%.

Speed to Market: In just 8 weeks we got 84% of one of NA’s largest bank’s workforce up-to-speed and demoing new products to customers.


Decrease Call Center Times: We reduce call handling times by 45 seconds by deploying our micro-learning simulation methodology to employees and customers.


Convert Non-Digital Customers: Banks using our in-branch demo platform with non-digital customers have converted as many as 20% to digital banking.