COVID accelerated the shift to digital, Horizn ensures your customers grow digitally

Institutions now have two enduring digital banking challenges. Get the non-digital or new to digital customers understanding digital banking and get the active digital customers to more broadly leverage all the bank’s digital capabilities.

Self-Serve: Customer Direct Hub

Designed to ensure bank customers have the confidence and know-how to bank digitally as well as accelerate usage of all digital capabilities. Horizn’s Digital Demos are widely distributed to customers via bank websites, email marketing, SEO, and chatbots, making certain Customers can self-learn digital banking.


Assisted-Serve: Contact Center & Branch

Both Contact-Center and Branch employees need easy access to digital information when talking to customers. Our Digital Demos are used by the frontline to talk with customers about all aspects of digital banking, answer digital questions, share Digital Demos via email, virtually and in-branch via tablets or kiosks.


Frontline Direct: Employee Platform

An interactive gamified Employee Digital Learn and Activation Platform designed to rapidly increase digital fluency amongst all employees. Supporting the cultural shift where digital knowledge is an expectation, we make certain employees are digitally aware, knowledgeable and prepared to support customer digital conversations. 


Trusted by leading financial institutions

“I’d like to add one thing about Horizn, for the many years I’ve been in banking, I’ll say, in general, when we’re working with companies as banks they fall into two categories: vendors and partners. Vendors who stick to the four pages of the contract and the statement of work, and partners who understand what we are trying to do and be in it together with us. I would definitely put Horizn in the category of a partner for us.”
Ravi Vakacherla, Chief Transformation Officer, People’s United Bank

Delivering results that make a difference

We’ve made digital product learning available to over 90 million bank customers and trained over 650,000 employees.

Increased Digital Adoption

We increase digital adoption on average by 25% to propel your digital transformation investments.

Employees Trained in Weeks

On average 85% of of employees up-to-speed and talking digital banking with customers, in just 2-4 weeks.

Increased Mobile Logins

Mobile banking logins grew by a monthly average of 235%  using Horizn Digital Demos with customers

Reduction in Call Time

Our clients are seeing a 10% reduction in call times using Horizn’s Digital Demos