Immediate and easy access to both practical how-to digital product knowledge and complex digital banking expertise at employees fingertips

Increasing Employee Knowledge and Confidence. Contact Center employees use Horizn to increase their confidence in all your bank’s digital capabilities as well as get in the moment coaching tips.

Improving Customer Experience and Decreasing Call Times. When customers call for support, employees can walk them through a Digital Demo. With our Digital Demos, while on the phone, employees can see exactly what the customer is seeing and guide them on the digital journey.

Reducing Call Volumes through Direct Customer Support. Banks are integrating Digital Demos within their websites, support channels, as well as emailing Digital Demos to customers to provide support while deferring calls and decreasing call volumes.

Digital Demos Help Divert and Reduce Contact Center Calls

20 Million Customer Emails

20+ million personalized emails with a digital demo to 90-day active mobile and online customers resulted in large decrease in call center volumes

10% Reduction in Call Time

Our clients are seeing a 10% reduction in call times using Horizn’s Digital Demos

730k Reset Password Demos 

To dramatically reduce the volume of contact center calls regarding password reset, the bank added password reset demos the online  support page

“The feedback from the frontline has been fantastic. Unbiasedly fantastic. We have thousands of comments on our discussion board about how much our colleagues like a tool that helps them understand what they’re going to talk about before it goes live to customers. We’ve been able to really drive a lot of enthusiasm and engagement with this too.”
Kirk Benson, SVP CBB Business Digital Officer U.S. Bank.

Key Features: Assisted-Serve Contact Center Hub


Digital Demos are used by customers and employees to understand digital banking basics as well as complex digital banking features. Instead of reading instructions or watching videos, they gain first-hand experience with digital products by walking through each journey before they try to use it for real. Digital Demos are used across all lines of business, retail banking, business banking, wealth management, etc.

contact centerContact Center employees are using digital demos to support digital banking conversations with customers. Contact Center employees can share screen or direct customers to the Digital Demos on the bank’s website or the Horizn Customer Hub and walk customers through a digital capability screen-by-screen. Digital demos help call agents discuss both digital banking basics and more complex digital banking features with customers.


Through the Horizn email Referral Tool contact center employees can email Digital Demos during or after phone conversations. Horizn bank partners have seen a direct increase in customer online and mobile logins as a result of emailed Digital Demos to their customers. 72% of customers who click on an email do a digital demo and for every employee-shared digital demo, customers are doing an average of 3.5 demos on the platform.


Banks are integrating Digital Demos on support pages, search result pages, help pages and FAQs to help customers self discover answers to digital questions. This is helping to reduce Contact Center wait times and enables customers to get answers to digital banking questions right away. A client recently added a well placed Reset Password demo on their web site and drastically decreased call to the contact center.

coaching tips 2Coaching tips are displayed beside Digital Demos to provide in the moment easily accessible detailed tips for contact center and branch employees. Coaching tips are used to provide additional digital product knowledge, product benefits, objections coaching, complex digital banking expertise, etc. These coaching tips with digital demos are designed to be used “in the moment” of need when employees.

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