At Horizn, we know that “build it and they will come” is a myth!

Our clients are the biggest names in the Financial Services market.

Horizn’s Mission

To help businesses increase digital  knowledge, adoption and usage for both their customers and employees.

Horizn is the No. 1 digital acceleration platform designed exclusively for financial institutions. Horizn equips customers and employees with the knowledge needed to increase digital confidence, understand all digital capabilities, and dramatically accelerate digital adoption.

Who Uses Horizn?

Customer-focused financial institutions like banks and credit unions are among Horizn’s best clients.

There is no doubt the future of banking will rely on digital platforms and the widespread adoption of new technologies. Horizn empowers businesses to easily engage and educate their customers, members and  employees wherever they choose.


The Horizn platform has three components:

  1. Self-Serve Customer Direct Hub
  2. Assisted-Serve Call Center and Branch Hub
  3. Employee Direct Platform

These help accelerate the shift to digital for many of the world’s largest banks.

Founded in Toronto, Canada


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Horizn Platform Reach

90M+ Bank Customers