Rapidly increase digital banking knowledge and training for every employee.

As banks and credit unions overhaul their organizational structure to achieve the ideal of a digital agile organization, they must also commit to introducing new skills and capabilities to their employees. Financial institutions must take aggressive steps today to ensure the frontline are ready for digital transformation.

Digital Advocacy: We make sure all your employees are easily able to learn and understand the product and service you are offering. How can you support a customer if your employees have not used or do not know anything about it your latest innovation. 

Comprehensive Set of Tools: The Employee Platform is a comprehensive set of tools designed to help employees become digitally aware, digitally fluent, and confident enough to have digital conversations with customers and increase customer digital banking usage.

Rapid Increase Knowledge: With Horizn, financial institutions rapidly deliver the latest digital product knowledge to frontline employees in an engaging, agile, and persistent manner.

Celent Model Bank Award: Investment in digital activation resulted in demonstrable improvements in employee and client engagement

100% of employees digitally fluent
75% of employees fluent on new digital capabilities 30 days pre launch
83% of active client base are now digitally active

RBC Wins Celent Model Bank of the Year 2020 Download the Case Study >

It’s not just knowing that we have digital capabilities, but it’s also being confident about talking about those digital capabilities, and the importance and the value of digital to our clients.
Emma Ballantyne, Senior Director of Digital Sales, Royal bank of Canada.

The employee experience is as important as the customer experience


 Digital Demos are used by customers and employees to understand digital banking basics as well as complex digital banking features. Instead of reading instructions or watching videos, they gain first-hand experience with digital products by walking through each journey before they try to use it for real. Digital Demos are used across all lines of business, retail banking, business banking, wealth management, etc.

speed The need for speed: No turning back. We make certain all your employees can digitally fluent on all digital capabilities 30 days prior to market launch to customers. We support an agile dev cycle and ensuring the frontline employees (contact center and branch) can answer all digital banking questions. All employees can be digital fluent in a matter of weeks.

gamification Gamification is integrated in the Employee Platform with a suite of tools such as point systems, leaderboards and badges, to help with both employee learning activities and with activation tactics such as emailing a demo to a customer. Collectively they increase employee engagement and motivation especially around strategic advocacy desired behaviors.  

advocateDigital Advocates Tools: Horizn’s Digital Advocate Tools help track desired digital activation behaviours like peer training, continuous learning, digital leadership, customer demos and email shares. Activities are designed to identify, engage and scale digital advocate programs to support digital fluency and digital adoption with employees and customers.

AnalyticsReal organizations, real results. With Horizn you can clearly see how our digital demos are impacting your top digital adoption KPIs, you can make data-driven decisions to realize the full potential of your digital banking technology investments. Performance is tracked for all user learning activity, as well as activation activities such as demos with customers, and shared/emailed demos.

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