Ensure all customers have the confidence and know-how to accelerate usage of all your digital banking capabilities.

As more of the banking experience shifts to digital, customers have higher expectations. The Customer Direct Hub is the central hub that hosts Digital Demos to help customers get the knowledge needed to accelerate usage of all digital capabilities 

Digital Confidence – With Digital Demos customers can try digital banking features before using them live, so even your least tech-savvy customers can find answers to their digital banking questions.

Complex Digital Banking Features – For the more digitally savvy customers more advanced digital banking features can be shared to help increase digital feature adoption

Financial institutions are embedding Digital Demos in bank websites, mobile apps, chat bots, email marketing campaigns and online FAQs, making sure customers have the knowledge the need at any digital touchpoint, at any moment in time

Using the Self-Serve Customer Hub our bank partners have seen great results with their customers

Increase in customer online bank logins
of customer email a digital Demo led to a Demo completed
Increase in customer mobile banking logins

Self-Serve Customer Direct Hub Features

Embed Digital Demos on Bank Websites: Integrated Digital Demos for customer self-discovery on bank websites, product pages, FAQ pages, support pages, and knowledge centers.

Share Digital Demos with Marketing Campaign Emails: Integrate Digital Demos within key marketing campaigns to teach customers how to bank online and on mobile devices.

SEO Discoverability: When customers search using Google, banks can surface Digital Demos to help them find answers to digital questions.

Integrate Digital Demos in chat bots & mobile apps: Embed Digital Demos through mobile app support and within chatbots. Support customers with their mobile banking needs when they need it most.