Ensure all customers have the confidence and know-how to accelerate usage of all your digital banking capabilities.

As more of the banking experience shifts to digital, customers have higher expectations. The Customer Direct Hub is the central hub that hosts Digital Demos to help customers get the knowledge needed to accelerate usage of all digital capabilities 

Digital Confidence – With Digital Demos customers can try digital banking features before using them live, so even your least tech-savvy customers can find answers to their digital banking questions.

Complex Digital Banking Features – For the more digitally savvy customers more advanced digital banking features can be shared to help increase digital feature adoption across all lines of business.

Digital Demos Everywhere – Financial institutions are embedding Digital Demos in bank websites, mobile apps, chat bots, email marketing campaigns and online FAQs, making sure customers have the knowledge the need at any digital touchpoint, at any moment in time.

Using the Self-Serve Customer Hub our bank partners have seen great results with their customers

33% increase in customer
online bank logins
85% of emails to customers with a digital demo resulted in a demo completed
235% increase in customer
mobile banking logins
“At M&T’s we brought the digital demo platform to the forefront for our customers to self-service. We put together a COVID response page like many other banks did, but within that space, it talked about our capabilities. We brought forward some of the key demos — enrollment, how to deposit your checks, internal transfers with M&T accounts, paying your bills, interacting with Zelle, viewing your statements — the common questions that someone might call a branch, stop in a branch or call the contact centre for.”
Brandon Horbowicz , Vice President, Senior Sales Strategy Manager, M&T Bank

Our bank partners are distributing our digital demos everywhere

webBanks are integrating Digital Demos on a wide variety of bank web pages, such as mobile bank pages, topic pages, new feature pages as well as product feature specific pages like transfer money with Zelle. A bank can bring a new product launch to live for customers on their website by integrating digital demos as part of the new product feature page. Customers can learn what it is, how to how it works  and with the demos, how to use it.

marketingDigital Demos are regularly being used in personalized email campaigns to customers to increase digital banking feature adoption.  Banks are using digital demos in key marketing activities to educate customers and drive awareness about both the basics and complex digital banking features. Using email with digital demos our partners have seen as much as 235% increase in mobile logins.

contact centerBanks are integrating Digital Demos on support pages, search result pages, help pages and FAQs to help customers self discover answers to digital questions. This is helping to reduce Contact Center wait times and enables customers to get answers to digital banking questions right away. A client recently added a well placed Reset Password demo on their web site and drastically decreased call to the contact center

authenticated2Our bank partners are integrating digital demos in the authenticated space, in mobile apps, online and in chatbots. This allows for a personalized customer experience. A UK bank surfaced digital demos to members over 65 when using the mobile app. A US bank embedded digital demos directly in their mobile app to helping customers understand and use Zelle.

demos Digital Demos are used by customers and employees to understand digital banking basics as well as complex digital banking features. Instead of reading instructions or watching videos, they gain first-hand experience with digital products by walking through each journey before they try to use it for real. Digital Demos are used across all lines of business, retail banking, business banking, wealth management, etc.

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