Employees need to be able to easily connect with digital banking resources in the moment of need.

Despite the growing preference for digital banking channels, branch banking is far from obsolete. Whether in the branch or through virtual digital channels, banks worldwide are endeavoring to re-invent the branch experience to increase appeal and convenience for customers.

As banks reconfigure branch networks, success hinges on newly skilled and engaged employees. With the Horizn branch colleagues are using Digital Demos, to easily talk digital banking and demo digital product features to customers. 

When customers visit branches, employees can walk them through a Digital Demo, either hip-to-hip or on a large display screen (COVID SAFE). The frontline are also sharing Digital Demos directly to customers via email.

Key Features: Assisted-Serve Branch Hub

Digital Demos: Digital Demos are used by employees and customers to understand and practice mobile and online banking in a risk-free environment. Instead of reading instructions or watching videos, they gain first-hand experience with digital products by walking through each journey before they try to use it for real.

Employee Coaching Tips: Employee coaching tips are displayed beside Digital Demos to provide in the moment easily accessible detailed tips for contact center employees. Coaching tips are used to provide additional digital product knowledge, product benefits, objections coaching, complex digital banking expertise, etc.

Branch Digital Banking Support: With the Horizn Digital Demos, frontline employees can easily talk and demo digital features to customers when they visit the branch. With our Digital Demos, employees can show and guide the customers through any digital journey either hip-to-hip or on a large display screen (COVID SAFE).

Share Digital Demos: Through the Horizn email Referral Tool in-branch employees can email Digital Demos during or after phone conversations. Horizn bank partners have seen a direct increase in customer online and mobile logins as a result of emailed Digital Demos to their customers.

Self-Serve Kiosks and Tablets: Banks are deploying the In-Branch Digital Demos on kiosks and tablets, allowing customers the “self-service” experience to explore all digital features at their own pace.