Engage gamification learning methods and rewards for a game-changing ROI.

Gamification applies gaming mechanics to non-gaming environments to make tasks such as learning and training fun and engaging with the goal to drive completion. Rewards and incentives are used to tap into natural human needs for status and achievement to motivate the desired behaviour.

We continue to validate this among existing clients: gaming techniques are effective. They contribute to the spirit of competition, improve productivity, boost time-to-competency measures, enhance overall learning and knowledge and improve retention rates.

Horizn incorporates game play mechanics into our platform through points, badges, leaderboards, or incentives and rewards. This helps ingrain knowledge with users and ensures they are proficient and compliant in record time.

Gamification and increased digital motivation helps engage employees and improve collaboration among teams by allowing management to reward the behaviours that drive business goals and provide positive reinforcement. Companies can realize increased productivity, faster conversions, faster sales cycles and increased forecast accuracy.

“This is a great app, and an awesome way to get our employees engaged in learning all the features of the mobile app. I had fun earning my badges.”
Enterprise Employee, Financial Services