What is Micro Learning?

Micro learning is the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units. Micro learning addresses the needs of employees and customers and meets the hurdles set up by mobile technology and dwindling attention spans.


Why is it important?

Attention spans are shorter. The way we pay attention, both individually and societally, has changed. And it’s not just millennials defining this trend –we’re all moving in this direction. Technology is rapidly changing.  At the same time attention spans are shifting, technology is advancing at a rapid pace — so fast, learning and the transfer of knowledge to employees and customers can’t keep up.

Traditional training is not working. Every year U.S. businesses spend over $160 billion on employee learning and training, yet classroom training is time-consuming, expensive, and often ineffective. Micro learning with tablets and mobile. Micro learning done right supports learning and sharing of information and knowledge on mobile devices and tablets in-branch.

Best Practices

  1. Make knowledge accessible to the mobile workforce
  2. Providing information and materials for just in time look up for frontline staff
  3. Letting employees learn anytime, even down time
  4. Allow employees to quickly share knowledge with customers in-branch
  5. Make sure you content is mobile and tablet friendly