Written by CELENT analyst Bob Meara

Too often, banks invest in improving digital banking solution efficacy without making the necessary investment in maximizing customer utilization. Without utilization, there is no value delivery. Without value delivery, there is no return on investment. Said simply, without an effective digital activation strategy, banks are leaving money on the table.

For many institutions, roughly half of their retail banking customers are digitally active. The other half have had a decade or more to enjoy digital banking but have chosen not to. They need more than being told to—they need to be shown how. Nearly every institution on the planet has two enduring challenges. Specifically:

The Horizn Platform is specifically designed to help institutions achieve these objectives

  1. Getting the digital laggards to bank with you digitally

  2. Getting the active digital users to more broadly leverage the bank’s digital assets 

Because digital activation is of broad and significant importance post-COVID-19, Horizn briefed Celent on its efforts to help banks quickly and effectively grow digital channel utilization. In Celent’s opinion, the enduring need for maximizing digital utilization merits a Briefing Note.

Download Celent Briefing Note: