Ensure your customers stay digital in order to thrive.

Coined by McKinsey, “The Next Normal” is the assumption that our era will be defined by the period before COVID-19 and the “next normal” that will emerge in the post-viral era.

The pandemic forced banks and their customers to adapt quickly to limitations on physical interactions. As a result, digital adoption by bank customers has accelerated. According to McKinsey, 15 to 20 percent of customers surveyed expect to increase their use of digital channels once the crisis has passed.

From survive to thrive, in 2021 banks and credit unions need to ensure customers stay digital in order to thrive. With that certainty in mind, Horizn equips both your customers and employees with the knowledge needed to accelerate usage of all your digital capabilities.

In this report we will share best practices we are seeing with our bank clients globally

  • How banks globally are using Horizn to support digital banking in their re-entry communications with customers
  • What are Digital Demos and how do they educate customers about digital banking?
  • How Contact Centers are using Digital Demos so employees can quickly answer how-to questions, and send Digital Demos directly to customers.
  • How banks are distributing digital product knowledge by integrating Digital Demos into bank websites, support pages, FAQs, digital marketing, email campaigns, and chatbots.

Download the Report: