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Nationwide at Efma CCX Forum 2018

David Palmer, Head of Mobile & Digital Banking at Nationwide, shares what it’s been like to work with Horizn on the Discover Mobile platforms.

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The Need for Digital Adoption

Over the last 5-10 years, Nationwide has focused on becoming a mobile-first organization. Their goal was to drive mass usage of their mobile banking app. Nationwide realized very quickly that the best approach was to increase the knowledge and the confidence of frontline colleagues. But first, they needed to increase the knowledge and confidence of frontline colleagues in using the mobile app. Which is where Horizn comes into the story.

Nationwide’s David Palmer says in the video, “I wouldn’t be over-selling it when I say that when we launched Discover Mobile, I received more positive feedback from my colleagues than I ever have in ten years in launching a bunch of other different programs.”

A Horizn-Powered Training Platform

Nationwide worked with Horizn to create the Discover Mobile platform. It provides an engaging, simple learning experience for colleagues and members in all aspects of the mobile app — from downloading it to using the features.

Discover Mobile has two distinct applications:

  1. Colleague Training Platform — this gives Nationwide front-line colleagues an always-on tool for learning, training, and communication around the mobile banking app.
  1. In-Branch Member Demo — this enables colleagues to demo the mobile banking app to members in person at a branch, or over the phone. Any colleague can log in and demo the app.

Digital Adoption ROI

Palmer says he gets multiple emails daily from colleagues, praising Discover Mobile for its functionality and ease of use in helping them develop their digital fluency. As well, he says it’s helped colleagues understand that the mobile banking app is not competing with them for jobs.

“Discover Mobile helps our colleagues understand how the branch network and the mobile app work together, rather than against each other,” Palmer says.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased employee knowledge and confidence around digital banking technology
  • Better customer experiences and more high-value interactions with staff
  • New mobile users learn to use the app more quickly
  • Existing users use the app more often
  • Maximum ROI on technology investments
  • The Platform can be rolled out to other departments and business lines for consistent learning across the organization

Nationwide by the Numbers

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