The Customer Direct Platform makes digital product knowledge available directly to your customers, so they can be digitally fluent the second your products go to market

Increase customer digital confidence

It is mission critical that your customers have the ability to access 24-hour, independent “how-to” learning capabilities. Improve the customer experience, reduce call center support, and increase customer adoption.


On Your Website

Horizn can integrate simulators directly onto your website, instantly giving customers relevant “how-to” information when they need it.


Within Your Mobile App

Integrate Horizn within your mobile app to provide knowledge and learning that helps your customers adopt digital tools.


Integrated With Your Marketing

Deploy our customer-facing platform within your multi-channel marketing activities, enabling customer learning anytime, anywhere.



Horizn’s demo feature gives employees the tools they need to guide customer interactions and provide digital assistance in-branch.

Benefits of The Customer Platform:

  • Speed to MarketOur platform rapidly helps customers get digitally fluent and able to use your new digital innovation with confidence as soon as you go to market.
  • Omni-Channel ExperienceWhether it’s online, in the call center, or in-branch, we give customers the ability to instantly get the answers they need to adopt your latest innovation.
  • Digital ConfidenceOur simulator methodology allows customers to try digital banking features before using them live, so even your least tech-savvy customers can begin using new innovations.
  • Instant Feature AdoptionOur proprietary Simulator Micro-Learning methodology helps customers immediately understand and use multiple digital features.
  • Customer RetentionWe enhance the overall customer experience and increase retention by making it easy for your customers to use, adopt, and interact with all your digital features.
  • Advanced Analytics – We track which digital activities your customers demo and view. We leverage these customer behavior insights to encourage overall digital adoption.
  • Marketing IntegrationOur Simulators can integrate within all your digital marketing activities, giving you the ability to share digital knowledge with your customers anywhere and everywhere.
  • Faster ResponsesWe embed multi-channel learning across all bank channels, which means your customers are spending less time in call center queues and more time adopting your technology.