Digital Ambassadors help bank branches stay relevant in a digital world

Ensure that your Digital Ambassador Programs have the tools to support digital and physical activities

As the branch of the future evolves with digitalization, frontline employees need to be equipped to competently help customers with new digital products and processes. Digital Ambassadors play a critical role in driving the awareness and use of digital technology in-branch and in the call center.

The Horizn Digital Ambassador Tools help track desired digital ambassador behaviors like peer training, continuous learning, customer demos and shares. Our Digital Ambassadors Tools support engagement activities like polls, peer chat, awarding ad-hoc points, running a digital team huddle and organizing a ‘Digital Day’

Benefits of Digital Ambassador Tools:

  • On Tablets and Kiosks – Tablets give Digital Ambassadors the freedom to greet and demo to customers in-branch the latest digital innovation and digital processes.  
  • Digital Confidence – Our micro-learning simulators help Digital Ambassadors become digitally confident and savvy. Simulators provide short, digestible, well-planned units, broken down into logical journeys specific to customer behaviors.
  • Share Knowledge with Peers – Digital Ambassadors can get points for sharing best practices and knowledge with peers for activities such as leading branch huddles and award points to peers for digital behaviors.
  • Share Simulators with CustomersDigital Ambassadors can share via email or text our digital simulators with customers. This allows customers to try digital banking features before using them live.
  • Interact and Educate CustomersDigital Ambassadors can demo digital simulators in-branch hip-to-hip with customers, providing them with high-touch person-to-person experience to encourage digital awareness and adoption.
  • Track Ambassador ActivitiesOur management dashboard tracks all Digital Ambassador activity and digital points. Ambassadors can track branch peer learning activity and send email messages to colleagues.