The “Next Normal” and Digital Adoption

Coined by McKinsey, “The Next Normal” is the assumption that our era will be defined by the period before COVID-19 and the “next normal” that will emerge in the post-viral era. The COVID-19 pandemic forced banks and their customers to adapt quickly to limitations on physical interactions. As a result, digital adoption by bank customers has accelerated. 


Banks are Using Horizn to Support Digital Adoption 

Horizn’s bank customers globally are using our Customer Direct platform as part of their market re-entry to make certain their customers are confident and able to bank digitally. Nearly every institution on the planet has two enduring challenges and the platform is specifically designed to help institutions achieve both of these objectives,

  1. Getting the digital laggards to bank with you digitally
  2. Getting the active digital users to more broadly leverage the bank’s digital assets

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Using Horizn digital demos to maximize digital adoption? 

Because digital activation is of broad and significant importance post-COVID-19, Horizn briefed Celent on its efforts to help banks quickly and effectively grow digital channel utilization when in-person channel effectiveness is hampered by social distancing mandates. In Celent’s opinion, the enduring need for maximizing digital utilization merits a Briefing Note.

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Celent Bob