Supporting Your Customers Digital Banking Needs, During and Post COVID-19

Most financial institutions across the globe have responded to COVID-19 social distancing with carefully crafted customer communications as related to digital banking. Much is being devoted to support each of your bank’s digital capabilities and encouraging their adoption and usage. Nearly every institution in the world suddenly has two near-term goals that are likely long-term goals as well. Get the non-digital customers banking digitally from home and get the active digital users to more broadly leverage the bank’s digital assets.


Banks are Using Horizn in COVID-19 Critical Communications

Banks are using Horizn in their critical COVID-19 communication with their customers to show them how to bank digitally. Our bank clients globally are including Horizn on their homepage, COVID-19 response page, and in a dedicated Customer Platform hub. Senior executives are also including our Digital Demos in email communication to help customers immediately with digital banking basics such as depositing a check, paying a bill, setting up person-to-person payments and other key digital journeys.

Customer Pay Bill

What is the Customer Direct Platform and what are Digital Demos? 

The Customer Direct Platform is a central hub that hosts all your product Digital Demos used to help customers with online and mobile banking. Horizn makes certain your customers have the confidence and know-how to bank digitally right away. Our Digital Demos allow customers to practice mobile and online banking, allowing them to quickly become digitally fluent and confident. The Platform is used globally to educate customers on all things digital, across all lines of business: mobile and digital banking, retail banking, business banking and wealth management,

COVID Demo Tablet

Using Horizn to Support Customer Digital Banking in Contact Centers

The Customer Direct platform is used to help customers who are looking for digital banking support. Contact center staff use the Digital Demos to quickly answer customer questions and provide digital banking guidance. Banks using the platform see a reduction in  call handling times and an increase in first-time call resolution.


On Call Support

 Contact center employees can guide customers, by walking them through Digital Demos screen-by-screen on the bank website or the Customer Direct Platform.


Share Digital Demos

During or after phone conversations, employees can email Digital Demos to customers, who can then view digital demos on their devices after clicking on a link.


Support Pages

 Banks can embed or insert links to Digital Demos for common digital questions in Contact Us and Help/Support pages to provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Using Digital Demos to Communicate Directly with Your Customers

Using Horizn, banks can directly communicate and distribute digital product knowledge directly to customers across all channels: Bank websites, support pages, FAQs and via digital marketing, email campaigns, chatbots, and mobile app integration.

web itegration

On Bank Websites

 Integrate Digital Demos for customer self-discovery on bank websites, product pages, FAQ pages, and support pages.


Marketing Emails

Share Digital Demos in key marketing campaigns to teach customers how to bank online and on their mobile devices


SEO Integration

When customers search using Google, banks can surface Digital Demos to help them find answers to digital questions


In Mobile Apps

Digital Demos can be embedded in mobile apps and in chatbots to support customers with banking needs when they need it most.